Multibraai Dual Braai

This unit is new to our range and has the concept that the mild steel braai box will equally well take a gas grill or charcoal option. This practice is rare in South Africa in that a lot of manufacturers make one braai box that takes a gas unit and a same outer size but internally different braai box for the charcoal.

The benefits to the developer/builder are that the braai box can be built in as standard on a development, and the choice of cooking method be chosen by the new home owner when they purchase.

For the existing home owner it does offer the versatility of being able to swop easily from charcoal to gas or vice versa if the need arises.

Our unit comes with a single front door that opens and slides back into the braai box under the grill. This creates a very stable table on which to stand your meat platter and sundries, and allows you to adjust the depth of the table to suit your requirements.

The gas grill for this option has the high output H burners and the V-shaped grills that drain fat away from the cooking area, for which Multibraai is famous.


Choice of charcoal or gas cooking.


Units are available with the braai box and inners made in mild steel and the frame and doors made in 304 stainless steel. This gives great visual effect and greater durability for a small premium in price.


Have the braai box, inners, doors and frame made completely in 304 stainless steel – brilliant for coastal applications or for where the client wants greater durability or enhanced looks.


Our Dual Braais come standard with a built-on motor housing. You can also request an optional 220v spit motor, spit & skewers capable of cooking 2 large chickens or equivalent-sized pieces of meat. As electrics need to be installed to this at time the of installation, they should be purchased at the same time as the braai.