Multibraai Gas Braais

These built-in braai boxes are available in black mild steel complete with an 80mm flat steel trim. The braai boxes have an upper and lower door. The latter can be supported on 2 chains to give a working table in front of the braai. They are designed to take the legendary Multibraai No 2 or No 3 gas grill. These units have all the inherent advantages of the Multibraai gas grills in terms of heat output, low fat cooking and longevity of unit.



Units are available with the braai box and inners made in mild steel and the frame and doors made in 304 stainless steel. This gives a great visual effect and enhanced durability for a small premium in price.


Have the braai box, inners, doors and frame made completely in 304 stainless steel – brilliant for coastal applications or for where the client wants greater durability or enhanced looks.

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  1. Good evening. I would like to find out the price ranges of built in gas braai.

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