Scan Fireplaces

20 years ago homes used electricity as the principal source of domestic heating.

Today the scene has changed due to electricity becoming an expensive source of heat. This has brought with it an increased use of wood stoves, as these units take over as the primary source of heating.

The economy that can be realised by the use of good quality wood stoves is quite remarkable. Recent developments in technology have resulted in the cost of using wood for heating becoming as low as R0.35 to R0.45 per Kwhr, while at the same time reducing the dependency on the supply of electricity for heating.

SCAN 83 White Or Black

Scan 83 White – R56 950.00

Scan 83 Black -R39 975.00


The simple design and smooth lines of the Scan 83 make it the focal point of your home; giving you the space to create your own style around this natural gathering place- enhanced by the play of the flames and the stove’s steady warmth.

One of Denmark’s strongest design teams, Harrit & Sorenson, is behind the Scan 83. It’s clean and simple design was born out of respect for both functionality and aesthetics in equal measure.

Every detail has been thought through, the curved glass door has a soft close function and gives a perfect view of the fire. The handle has been positioned so that it compliments the simplistic design whilst remaining cool during stove operation. Simple and stylish control of the rate of burn using the twin controls that stay cool during combustion.

Output 8Kw. Heats up to 320m3

SCAN 85 White Or Black

Scan 85 White – R67 150.00

Scan 85 black – R45 975.00


With the powerful heat output of the Scan 85 the heat spreads quickly across a large room, while you enjoy the simplistic design and perfect view of the flames.

The door handle is integrated into the stove and is activated by simply pressing it.

Single touch air adjustment makes adjusting the burn rate the simplest of any Scan stove. This air adjuster remains cool during combustion.

Output 10kw. Heats up to 400m3


Scan 65 – R55 950.00

Clean lines and simple design give you a piece of furniture that will compliment any existing decor,regardless of style.

Scan 65 is a medium-sized stove with a large glass door providing a perfect view of the flames.

The Sandstone sides and top enhance the aesthetic appeal of the stove, and will distribute heat, stored in the stone, into the room after combustion has ceased.

Sandstone is made of compacted sand, stones and minerals. It is coloured by these natural components and as such may vary in shades of colour.

The Easylock system allows the door to close by itself without you having to turn a handle.

Output 8kw. Heats up to 320m3